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Mr E Watson

Yr3 Teacher/P.E Co-Ordinator

As part of the legacy of Britain’s Olympic Games, the British government committed £150 million a year guaranteed until 2020 to Primary Schools for PE and Sport development. As well as this funding also comes the very welcome news in the budget this year that the funding will be doubled from September 2017.


Sport is so important because it encourages children to be active, lead a healthy lifestyle, make friends and, of course, have fun. But quality school sport has benefits that spread right across the curriculum and beyond – it develops confidence and a sense of achievement, it teaches young people how to rise to a challenge, and nurtures the character and skills that will help them get on and succeed in life.”

Prime Minister David Cameron




Please download our PE & Sport Premium PDF below for more detailed information on how the funding is being spent.



Funding  £9,832 

Overview of spend to date

So far this year we have invested in new PE mats and trolleys worth a total of £1204.56,this equipment is now being used to improve the quality of teaching in Gymnastics. We will continue to use the funding to support the inclusion of children in the ARB into mainstream PE activities and to provide additional support for lunchtime sporting activities as well as the equipment to accompany this.

After school Sports Clubs are already in place and the numbers of these will increase through the year in to the Summer Term. We will be using £600 of funding for a tennis specialist from the Dragon Leisure Centre who will be taking two after school clubs during the Summer Term.

Funding will also be used in order for pupils to take part in a wider range of sports activities such as bike ability, inter-school competitions and sports festivals. We have also managed to secure a Cricket Coaching session for £150.

During the Summer Term, sports coaches  have been booked to improve pupil's skills and to develop the effectiveness of PE teaching throughout the school.


We will continue to develop on the areas already addressed and plan to invest new gymnastic mats and trolleys which will impact on the quality of teaching given during gymnastic activities.


Funding (2014-2015)

Robartes augments it's base funding with Sports Premium. This is targeted to ensure better and broader access to sporting activities. Funding has been invested in:

After school clubs including surfing, skateboarding, basketball and orienteering.

Support for lunchtime sporting activities and the equipment to accompany this.

Continued support to promote inclusion during mainstream P.E.

Ongoing replenishment of P.E equipment.

Inter-schools competitions and participation in sports festivals.


The allocations are as follows:

After school sports clubs   £2,280
Inclusion for pupils with additional needs                        £3,800
Transport to Events   £500
Cycling Initiative £100
Lunch time Sports Activities £3,800
Funfit sessions   £475
Sensory Sports Equipment   £150


Children have had the opportunity to compete in a wider range of sporting events through links developed with Bodmin College and the Cornwall school games network. These have included tag rugby, cross country events, rounders tournaments and inter-house multi sports events.

Children's enjoyment of P.E activities has increased; this was measured through feedback questionnaires given to the children.

Bike ability allowed children to learn and develop new skills needed for road safety. We hope to invest more in the promotion of safe and healthy ways to travel to school.

Funding (2013-2014)

There was an increase in the attendance of after school clubs with more children participating enthusiastically. The contribution towards extra staffing for outside school events allowed us to enter a variety of different sports competitions and therefore raised the interest of more children to take part.

The improved provision of extra support staff allowed the children to access all parts of the P.E curriculum.
The number of pupils attending a sports club last year was 46%
The number of individual pupils who have represented the school at tournaments last year was 26%
The number this year was 34%

These are very healthy figures and it would be great to see them improve even further – let’s keep encouraging our children to try new clubs and have a healthy and active approach to life, which they can take on into the future.


2013-2014 Successes

Individual County Cross Country
Kwik Cricket County Champions
Swimming Awards

How it affects our school?

We are very proud of our high levels of participation in school clubs run after school. We have been able to continue to fund these clubs which may have been impossible otherwise. We also needed to improve our equipment and to commit to maintaining our excellent school grounds.


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