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At Robartes we are proud of our youngsters and school community. We have a long history of welcoming pupils from all over Bodmin and beyond. We celebrate our inclusive ethos and the wide and varied backgrounds and nationalities of all of our children. Whilst there is an emphasis on the basics of Reading, Writing and Mathematics, the school community ensures we provide all Robartes' pupils with a rounded and holistic education. Our aim is to offer all pupils experiences they would otherwise not access. The links below will take you to additional information about our school including OFSTED reports and test result statistics. However, as important as this information is, the best way to find out about us is to visit. We warmly welcome visit requests from parents, prospective parents and new and potential friends. If you would like to visit and find out more about what we do, please contact Miss Wickett, Office Manager, on 01208 261221 who will arrange a mutually convenient time.

Historical OFSTED reports come under our previous name of Robartes Junior School and may be found here.

Our data and results can be found here.
"Pupils feel safe in school because adults know them personally and look after them well. Staff in the area resource base, which caters for pupils with a wide range of difficulties, provide a calm purposeful environment where pupils make good progress in their social skills as well as in their reading, writing and mathematics. Attendance has improved and is now above average. The school promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development well through a wide range of community events, as well as through the curriculum and extra-curricular activities."
(OFSTED March 2014)
Access to the School Performance Tables published by the Secretary of State on the Department for Education's website:
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For information about our school context and our data (KS2 SATS results etc) please see the data dashboard for OFSTED above. As our school has recently become an Academy we have included the historical data and information for our school in the About Us, Statutory Information, Context and Outcomes. 
Robartes ACE Academy 2015 Results
"During our learning walk, pupils were clear about what is changing for the better. Older pupils feel challenged to achieve more; Year 3 pupils especially like their new smaller classes. Brief visits to lessons confirmed pupils’ views that they are beginning to make better progress and are being challenged by harder work."
(HMI November 2014)
"Most parents and carers responding to Parent View and all of those spoken to say they are pleased with the progress that their children are making."

(OFSTED March 2014)

"Parents, carers and pupils view behaviour favourably. They have few concerns about bullying; the inspection finds that bullying of all kinds, including cyber-bullying and that related to special educational needs, is unusual. The school deals with bullying rigorously; its behaviour management strategies are effective."

(OFSTED May 2012)


Our parent view, where you can find and leave your opinions about our school, can be found by clicking the image below

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