About us

Our Pastoral Team, at Robartes ACE Academy, is staffed by two people who between them have a vast knowledge and experience of supporting children and families.  We are able to offer support in all aspects of educational, welfare, health and social needs - from supporting parents on visits to helping children to manage their feelings.
We operate an open door policy and are happy to meet in your family home, if preferred.
We are not just here for your children; we are here for mums, dads, nans, grandads, carers. 
If you have any doubts, worries or concerns please do call us.
Lynn Sims (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead/Pastoral)
01208 261226
Helen Sowden (Attendance Officer/Pastoral)
01208 78309 or 07545 413 566

Ms Lynn Sims

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead/Pastoral


Mrs Helen Sowden

Attendance Officer/Pastoral


T. 01208 72644 E. info@beacon.aceacademies.co.uk

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