A Welcome from our Headteacher

It gives me great pleasure to introduce myself as Headteacher of Robartes ACE Academy.
My aim is to build on the schools strengths and work with parents and carers to provide our children with rich, exciting and creative learning experiences so that they will ‘shine brightly’ in all that they do and love coming to school. I do have high expectations of our children and will continue to expect excellent behaviour and a positive attitude to learning when they arrive at school on time, dressed smartly in the correct uniform and ready to learn.
The academy is the proud owner of an amazing bike track!  This is a fantastic resource for the children of Beacon and Robartes and we are planning the best ways of utilizing this to ensure they get and keep active, learn new skills and have lots of fun! We aim to provide bikes and other resources as part of this exciting new asset to the school.
 Robartes ACE Academy
 where we are.....
shining brightly!!

T. 01208 72644 E. info@beacon.aceacademies.co.uk

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